Studio B NYC specializes in elevated, still life photography - the type of imagery that gets customers to click. Creative, accurate, and engaging imagery is the very best way to get your customers to fill their shopping carts. At the helm of Studio B NYC is Thomas C. Card, the leading force behind creating some of the most memorable still life photography campaigns of all time. He lives and breathes photography and so does the entire team here at Studio B, giving us the edge in elevating the art development, lighting, and styling of your product while maintaining an efficient, cost-effective working method. Our producers start by analyzing your product, goals, current volumes and potential volumes, and then design an approach to get the quality, speed, and price that you need to be successful. Studio B team is your partner, ensuring the design to an engaging and effective approach for your specific brand. Your brand imagery is the critical connection between your company’s success and your customers; don’t waste this precious encounter. Together, we will design an engaging and effective approach for your specific brand.



Studio B NYC will make your image strategy more successful because we provide the quality of service that makes the difference. Studio B's production teams specialize in executing successful photography campaign strategies. Our production team will help you design a new strategy or expertly implement your own company's strategy. We start by analyzing your product, goals, current volumes and potential volumes, and then design an approach to get the quality that you need to be successful. With all of this information in hand, our producers custom build the perfect team and structure to satisfy your goals while generating the highest quality imagery at the volume and timing that you demand. We have specialists in all areas of photography to create the most impactful imagery and best experience for you and your customers. Whether you are launching a single product or an entire brand, Studio B is the fuel to get you off the ground.



Studio B NYC maintains competitive pricing on all our shoots, small or large; simple or complex. We are able to create and process your imagery at a faster speed, lower cost, and much higher quality with long-term consistency in art-direction, styling approaches, image quality, and color accuracy.  Our professionalism, consistency, and efficiency make each project a breeze, guaranteeing that you will always hit your target numbers on production and post-production costs.



At Studio B NYC, we believe that the most effective, successful, and profitable results come from being a good partner. We will work closely with your company to ensure that all logistics and communications run smoothly and focus all of the creative energy on making the best possible images. Our photographers, stylists, and production team have the expertise and versatility to help you deal with logistics of the art direction, production, and post-production while maintaining consistency and quality.



A division specializing in creating engaging content for social media and web promotion. Using animation and integrative narratives, B SOCIAL will carry your brand to a new dimension.

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